Interim City Manager Promoted

Scott MitnickIn November 2005, the Los Angeles Times published an article covering Scott Mitnick’s official promotion from Interim City Manager to City Manager of Thousand Oaks. The piece touches on his areas of expertise, accomplishments, and positive relationships with city councilmembers.

During his time as interim city manager, Irwin said Mitnick raised staff morale, secured new contracts with city employees and helped the council establish written goals for the city’s future.

Mitnick “definitely has the quality to be city manager, he has lots of experience, especially in finance,” Irwin said. “He’s sincere, passionate and smart. And the bottom line is, he knows the residents of the city.”

Masry’s son, Louis, said Wednesday that although his father was not released from the hospital in time to make Tuesday’s meeting, he supported Mitnick’s promotion. The elder Masry, he said, was impressed that Mitnick had visited him in the hospital at least once a week, usually with other senior staff members, to keep him informed on city business.

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